Private Cellular Networks will give you a single, highly-controllable network. Software-based Private Networks now allow these to be deployed in a cost-effective manner that puts sophisticated mobile operator technology, correctly deployed, in the hands of IT professionals.


A Private Cellular Network can replace multiple legacy systems 


Site wide secure, consistent coverage, even when public networks are unavailable


Sufficient bandwidth for existing and future demands

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Private Mobile networks will give you:

  • An ability to support mission-critical communications, including high definition video, through simple integration with legacy PMR solutions (unlike WiFi which is not suitable for critical communications)
  • Telco-grade voice; dialer-based integration with enterprise PBX; integration with PSTN, and optionally, mobile operator cellular networks
  • Superior access control and security compared to unlicensed technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth, with end-to-end encryption and physical SIM-based authentication
  • In-built security capability to allow network segmentation, access control and policy-based isolation of particular users, applications and traffic
  • Simplicity of guest worker access with eSIM eliminates risks of WiFi password proliferation and compromise
  • An ability to support mobility requirements across the site/sites
  • Reduces operational cost and complexity by shrinking the number of networks in a building or large campus to just a cellular network for secure, reliable coverage and a Wifi network for lower priority workflows and guests.

Fully Managed Service

  • No initial capital outlay just budgetable monthly payments
  • 24/365 monitoring
  • Flexible support packaged

Services Available

  • Technical support
  • Installation and setup
  • Maintenance
  • Application support
  • Hardware support
  • Guaranteed warranty