Is mobile coverage an issue in your building?

If mobile coverage is an issue in your building you should act now

If unreliable network coverage is a problem in a building that you’re responsible for and the building is empty, or has reduced occupancy during shutdown, this is the best possible time to do something about it. Why?

1) In an empty or near-empty building the signals received from the outside world will be subjected to less body-loss clutter, so a signal survey under these conditions will benchmark the best possible coverage levels that you can receive, allowing you to understand your baseline and decide whether additional support is required to receive acceptable coverage.

2) If you need additional infrastructure installed to achieve acceptable coverage or increase capacity, the work can be carried out without disruption to those who generally use the building.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you improve cellular, Wi-Fi and two-way radio coverage in your building or to arrange a no-obligation site survey and tailored proposal, please contact Ross Hulley



We are permitted to carry out surveys, installations etc. during the shutdown and will of course comply with any precautionary measures you have in place

We can help

To book a Pan RF engineer to visit your site and carry out a no-obligation site survey, please fill out the form below.

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