Cellular Coverage Solutions

We design bespoke in-building distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions that provide comprehensive mobile coverage for Mobile Network Operator networks.

Why can’t you get cellular coverage in your building?

Frustratingly, a strong signal outside a building but weak or patchy signal inside is an issue for the building users, and owner, but not the major network operators, as this is not their responsibility. 

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Why we are the right people to provide a solution

Pan RF is a team of highly specialised and radio frequency (RF) engineers with a wealth of experience of designing, building and maintaining in-building distributed antenna systems to improve cellular and two-way radio coverage.

We believe that delivering a successful solution means investing time working with the client to become a trusted partner – really understanding what they require and why – to deliver an effective, enduring solution.

Case Study – London Offices Freed From Mobile Coverage Frustration 

In areas of high population density mobile operators work hard to provide coverage but demand and interference from building materials mean that, despite a strong signal externally, coverage in buildings is often frustratingly patchy.

Following a site survey, Pan RF helped a client to overcome this challenge, building and integrating an off-air active digital distributed antenna system (DAS) in just five days to of ensure robust, reliable cellular coverage in their London offices.