Are we now at a point of a totally wireless office? In some offices today, you may find up to five different communications layers, from fixed-line, ethernet, wi-fi, if you are lucky, mobile coverage, and push-to-talk radios.


A Private Cellular Network can replace multiple legacy systems 


Site wide secure, consistent coverage, even when public networks are unavailable


Sufficient bandwidth for existing and future demands

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All these layers leave network managers with a complex task to manage; what a Private LTE / 5G network can give you is all those layers rolled into one.  One platform, secure, mobile with excellent bandwidth.

The Challenges

The issues facing network managers in a modern work environment.

  • Use of personal mobile devices was the norm before the pandemic. It is relatively unthinkable to imagine staff (or businesses) moving to work-issued devices or banning the use of personal devices inside buildings.
    The mobile network operators are not responsible for their network inside your building unless you enhance the ability of their network to function inside the building (glass, steel, reinforced concrete, and even partitions are no friends to 5G in particular, but indeed all radio bandwidths)
  • The proliferation of personal mobiles (Bring Your Own Device) that can be used to bypass Chinese walls and exchange sensitive business information between staff on messaging apps over insecure Wi-Fi networks.
  • PMR and PTT systems that don’t have the bandwidth for real-time video and high data rates could result in compromised incident response and people having to carry multiple devices to stay connected.
  • Unreliable coverage quality by Wi-Fi leads to coverage gaps or high implementation costs, poor throughput and security, and poor mobility.
  • Thousands of connected devices for business operations (building management, logistics, security, etc.) can only be accessed with specific devices in limited areas.
  • Thousands of poorly protected, connected devices could be subject to malware and cyber-attacks on an unlicensed spectrum.
  • The lack of coverage for new services like remote video collaboration will suffer from unreliable bandwidth, jitter, poor mobility and coverage from WiFi

Where Private Cellular Networks can be deployed

Currently,   there are only two options for broadband wireless access:

  1. WiFi is excellent for static locations but has poor mobility and isn’t suitable for critical communications.
  2. Mobile Network Operator cellular deployment is very costly and complex if you have to pay the mobile operators to connect to your building.  The Mobile Operators are not responsible for their network inside your building unless you enhance their signal to suit your building environment.

There is a solution that meets this need.

A Private Cellular Network offers the superior coverage, security, performance and mobility of a typical cellular network but the simplicity of a Wi-Fi deployment.

You can have your own guaranteed wireless connectivity everywhere inside your building or on your campus,  but is it as reliable and secure as a wired connection?  One platform for all your needs.  Imagine what you could do if your office were genuinely wireless?

Control systems, high-performance computers, video cameras, automated vehicles and IoT sensor networks – all without wires. Push-to-talk with real-time video, Augmented Reality  & Virtual Reality technologies with no buffering. Smartphones and laptops on your own private LTE/ 5G network.

The Private Cellular Network can give you all of this.

A 4G or 5G platform is built for the enterprise.  Using Ofcom’s Shared Access Licences, you can now deploy your own 5G network.

Fully Managed Service

  • No initial capital outlay just budgetable monthly payments
  • 24/365 monitoring
  • Flexible support packaged

Services Available

  • Technical support
  • Installation and setup
  • Maintenance
  • Application support
  • Hardware support
  • Guaranteed warranty