Connectivity is…making sure 5G is readily available in 2024

The promise of faster speeds, lower latency, and increased reliability has the potential to transform the way we live, work, and communicate.

5G is expected to be make major advancements this year, radically shifting the business landscape. Apart from enabling faster data transfers and cutting inactivity, 5G promises better device capacity and reliability, even in high-density environments.

5G and property investment – what you need to know

When you think about it, a viable investment in property depends on what a building and what its occupants can do in it. 5G is no longer an added extra or an ‘if it’s at all possible’ type afterthought from a future tenant, in almost all cases and scenarios, it is necessary and it is expected.

Properties with advanced technologies that 5G can facilitate, including IoT (Internet of Things) and efficient energy management systems will become more attractive to long-term tenants, enhancing the value, and ultimately making it a solid investment.

Solid 5G can also aid new business models and services, if a building as an investment can house emerging technologies and industries that rely heavily on high-speed connectivity then it will fast become sought after.
Properties that can easily integrate with and benefit from 5G technology undoubtedly become the cornerstone, and rather than sit empty, will be sought after.

Why you want to have Pan RF on speed dial.

Pan RF is a team of highly specialised and radio frequency (RF) engineers with a wealth of experience of designing, building and maintaining in-building distributed antenna systems to improve mobile phone signal and two-way radio connectivity.

We believe that delivering a successful solution means investing time collaborating with the client to become a trusted partner – really understanding what they require and why – to deliver an effective, enduring solution.
Make sure your investment is prepared. Strong and consistently dependable 5G is going to be a precondition for commercial tenants looking for their next workspace and if you can’t promise it, you can’t compete!


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