The surprising way construction materials affect mobile signals in regional distribution centres

Since the pandemic hit and the world turned to online shopping for groceries, essentials, and that thing you saw on TikTok that you just had to have, the need for storage and distribution has exploded.  You only need to drive up any motorway in the UK and see huge buildings popping up.

But did you know that the construction materials used in regional distribution centres can affect mobile signal propagation?

Many distribution centres are built using metal and concrete materials that can weaken or block mobile signals. This can result in dropped calls, slow internet speeds, and reduced productivity.

But there are solutions to this problem. One option is to install a distributed antenna system (DAS) that amplifies and distributes mobile signals throughout the building. Another option is to use signal-boosting technology to improve coverage in areas with poor reception.

If you’re planning to build a regional distribution centre or are experiencing poor mobile signal in an existing one, take action today. Refrain from letting construction materials affect your productivity and communication with customers. With a better mobile signal, you can increase productivity, reduce dropped calls, and improve customer satisfaction.

Remember, construction materials can affect mobile signals in your regional distribution centre, but solutions are available. Contact us today for more information and start enjoying a better mobile signal in your warehouse.


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