Challenges with Installing Antennas in Historic Buildings

One of the challenges of installing antennas in historic buildings is the need to adhere to strict construction regulations. If the proper steps are taken to ensure that the antennas are installed correctly, there will be a minimal impact on the historical integrity of the building. In addition, the installation could affect the overall aesthetic appeal of the building if it is installed incorrectly. At Pan RF, we have great experience installing systems in historical places such as Battersea Power Station and Lords Cricket ground; the team worked closely with the principal contractors to ensure that the visual impact of the installation was minimal.

Another challenge that installers face when installing antennas in historic buildings is the limited space within the building, old historic buildings needed to be designed with the need for electricity,  air conditioning and mobile signals.  More space for wiring and other components is needed when installing antennas in historic buildings. If the space required for the various components is not planned correctly, the installation could be more complicated than anticipated. This can be problematic if there is not adequate room for components that need to be concealed from view.

It is essential to work closely with your architects and principal contractors to ensure the Distributed Antenna System is designed and installed that meets the requirements of good coverage and has a little visual impact on the aesthetics of the building.

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