Distributed antenna system in a High-Rise

A distributed antenna system (DAS) is a critical component of an RF infrastructure for high-rise buildings. This case study will explore how a DAS can improve indoor coverage and cell service in high-density areas within large commercial facilities such as office buildings and hospitals.

Modern wireless technologies have become an integral part of our lives. Wireless networks are used to communicate, access the internet, stream media and use mobile apps daily. Wireless networks are pervasive; they are found just about everywhere we look these days.

The explosive growth of wireless technologies and applications over the past several years has increased the demand for wireless networks. As mobile devices continue to become more powerful with faster processors and more memory, people have come to expect high-quality voice and data coverage wherever they go. To meet this growing need, many large commercial facilities have installed Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to provide enhanced indoor coverage and cell service for their tenants and visitors. An enterprise-wide DAS consists of strategically placed antennas within the building that are distributed across numerous floors and zones to provide coverage and connectivity for all users. With this type of solution, it is possible to provide high-capacity wireless coverage even in the most difficult-to-cover areas of the building, such as underground parking garages and interior corridors.

Although a relatively new technology, DAS has been widely adopted in office and apartment buildings across the country and worldwide. Studies by industry analysts estimate that the worldwide market for DAS systems will grow at a CAGR of more than 12% over the next five years to reach a value of $16 billion by 2022[1]. DAS has become an increasingly critical part of every facility’s wireless network infrastructure and is a critical enabler of the digital transformation that is occurring in many organisations today

We installed an enterprise-wide DAS solution installed in a large commercial building in London. The system is designed to provide coverage for multiple users in the facility’s offices and conference rooms, the parking garage, and other interior areas that are not typically covered by a traditional cellular tower.

To implement a DAS solution of this size and complexity, companies often partner with specialised vendors, like Pan RF, with experience installing and maintaining these systems in large commercial properties. In this case study, a large communications provider partnered with Pan RF specialist to install the new system. Pan RF provided a detailed DAS design and configuration plan, along with an estimated cost and timeline for installation. Once the project finished, the technicians installed dozens of new antennas throughout the facility. In addition to the antennas, the team connected the equipment room to the network to enable remote system management.

The DAS was remotely monitored and supported by Pan RF ensuring uninterrupted coverage and service throughout the building.


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