Prepare for post pandemic

One thing you should do for the sake of your business productivity and the value of your building

The pandemic has sped up trends that were already underway, with people taking advantage of the flexibility in working that mobile connectivity allows. Business and building owners who acknowledge this know that ensuring cellular coverage is a hygiene factor, essential to success.

There’s much talk now of what the post-pandemic office might look like and how businesses will rearrange the way they work. The pandemic has undoubtedly proven that we have the technology for people to work from home and that they can be trusted to do so, clearing two major reservations that may have been held previously, but is it realistic to think that companies will abandon their offices altogether? It seems unlikely. Senior employees may be able to function totally remotely in the main, but this ignores the need for mentoring and the benefit of human interaction and the effect working in proximity has on the speed of information dissemination and hence getting the job done.

The most likely post pandemic scenario is that businesses will be more relaxed about the number of days people attend the office to work with an increase in the reconfiguration of office space to hot desks, meeting areas and private work/meeting rooms. The untethering of people from a designated workspace, hard internet access and land lines makes robust mobile coverage throughout a building essential to effective working. Securing comprehensive cellular coverage is therefore an investment that will provide returns both in the productivity of those working in the building and its attractiveness to tenants, and therefore value.

For buildings where cellular coverage, for one or all of the UK’s Major Network Operators, is an issue a simple site survey can establish the quality of the signal available outside the building and show how this translates internally. Results, presented visually on a floor plan overlay, make it clear where issues are occurring and inform the design of a system to overcome them.

Pan RF offers no obligation site surveys and we are permitted to carry out surveys during lockdown. If cellular coverage is an issue in your building please get in touch to find out how we can help you ensure you’re future ready.

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