We say ‘mobile’ they say ‘cellular’

What’s that all about and do we all mean the same thing?

The short answer is yes, ‘mobile phone’ and ‘cell phone’ or ‘cellular phone’ are interchangeable terms. If you want to amaze those you know with your knowledge of why the two terms exist here’s the science:

Mobile devices connect via one of the major network operators’ (MNO) networks – EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three. Each operator has a series of base stations with each providing coverage for a defined area or cell. Using a system of hexagonal cells, the networks can cover an area without gaps using just seven signals without the same signal being used on any two adjacent base stations, which would cause interference. As mobile users move around they move seamlessly (most of the time) between base station signals enabling them to be remain connected while mobile.

In short, ‘cellular’ refers to the network pattern and ‘mobile’ refers to the advantage of using a phone with a signal connection versus a landline.

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