Nomophobia – gimmick or reality?

Nomophobia is the “fear of, or anxiety caused by, not having a working mobile phone.”* It might sound like a gimmick but actually, it is anything but – with more than half of mobile phone users in Britain tending to be anxious when they “lose their mobile phone, run out of battery or credit, or have no network coverage”. What’s clear is that if you’re responsible for a building, providing robust mobile coverage that gives building users the option to use their mobile devices, and the ever-increasing range of functions they offer, without aggravation is essential.

Device free areas and mobile free zones can be a good thing but only if initiated through choice, not poor coverage. Strong mobile coverage is critical in making your building a prospect, whether you’re looking to sell or let. We live in a world where a mobile phone is an essential part of our working paraphernalia, providing the flexibility to work remotely – embracing this will futureproof your building. The reality is you should be as confident in your mobile coverage as you are in your water and electric supply.

If you believe that coverage may be an issue for those using a building you’re responsible for we can carry out a no-obligation site survey and help you to provide it where it’s needed.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you resolve your coverage issues and to arrange a no-obligation site survey.

*Nomophobia was coined during a 2008 study by the UK Post Office who commissioned YouGov to evaluate anxieties suffered by mobile phone users.

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