About PanRF

What we do

We design, deliver and maintain systems that provide effective in-building mobile and two-way radio coverage safely and legally for existing buildings, refurbishments and new buildings.

Our radio frequency (RF) engineers are technically excellent, they are experts in their field, and this is essential as the consequences of a poorly conceived system are potentially catastrophic. We understand the technology and its inherent dangers and the relevant technical and legal requirements. Safety is paramount to us.

Ensuring a robust mobile or radio coverage throughout a site is complicated. It takes experience to identify the issues and design an effective, safe solution. It needs skills to install and commission the system with minimum disruption, and it requires commitment to build client relationships and maintaining the system to provide the peace of mind that those using the building can rely on robust, comprehensive coverage.

We appreciate that the technicalities of wireless coverage are not central to most of our clients’ business lives, which makes it essential that they find the right specialist partner with the ability to deliver a safe, effective solution. If you explain the issues you’re facing, we will provide neutral, informed, up to date advice on potential solutions. We will use our experience to bring together the best technology and relevant innovations, and we will ensure you stay the right side of relevant legislation.

Whether you are facing an issue with an existing building or planning to provide coverage for a refurbishment or new build the sooner we are involved the better. If you already have coverage issues we are confident that, with our knowledge of available technologies and or flexibility in adapting them, that we can get you operational faster than anyone. We are exceptionally proud of our deployment speed and ability to design interim, migratory and permanent solutions to deliver the required coverage. For new build and refurbishment projects, early involvement enables us to work with the architects and other contractors to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is accommodated as unobtrusively as possible and that work can be scheduled into the project timings.

To identify the coverage issues, a Pan RF engineer will visit your site to perform an analysis of existing signals from the four main mobile network operators (MNO) – EE, Three, Virgin O2 and Vodafone. Similarly, if you require radio coverage we will carry out a site survey to identify issues and potential solutions. From the survey we will build a proposal for the best equipment to use to achieve what you require in the most effective way, and present this to you together with methodology for installation and the total cost of the solution in a detailed report.

For more than a decade clients in both the private and public sectors have trusted us to provide in-building communication solutions and outdoor cellular and public safety distributed antenna systems, overcoming the challenges of providing coverage in skyscrapers, tunnels, trains and stadia, state-of-the-art new buildings and iconic heritage buildings.

We have excellent working relations with the MNOs and will ensure that they have everything they require in relation to your system. Similarly, we will ensure that your system meets all the requirements laid down by Ofcom.
We are extremely and innovative, and as we have no alliance to any particular technology supplier, we can choose from the widest range of technologies available to deliver the ultimate solution.

Our engineers pride themselves on their attention to detail and the quality of their work. As a company we understand the importance of being mindful of the users of occupied premises while carrying out installations and aim to create as little disruption as possible. We are also experienced on liaising with other onsite contractors for new build and renovation projects with the objective of ensuring the installation is as efficiently carried out as possible.

Once your system is up and running we want to ensure that you continue to enjoy uninterrupted wireless coverage, so we create a tailored monitoring and maintenance package to suit your needs. Wireless technology evolves rapidly, but with this on-going relationship we can ensure that you benefit from relevant advances with regular health checks, reports and suggestions for upgrades to keep you up to date.

We are with you all the way. We supply systems using an OPEX managed service model, i.e., rather than paying up front for your system you pay monthly, making budgeting simpler and giving you the peace of mind that your system will be monitored and maintained to be safe and effective.