Cost effective coverage for
in-store shopping apps

Pan RF CellHUB can be tailored to the specific requirements of each store. Coverage for one, two, three or all four UK Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and their subsidiary MVNOs, can be achieved using one CellHUB system. If a store already has good coverage on, for example, two of the operator networks, the CellHUB system will only provide for the other two networks, providing a cost-effective approach. CellHUB is available on either a CapEx or an OpEx basis.


Pan RF CellHUB is comprised of three essential parts: an external antenna, mounted on the roof or a wall in an optimum location to receive maximum signal strength for the required MNOs connected to a UK-Licence-Exempt Pan RF off-air booster for each mobile network that requires coverage improvement which cleans, enhances and relays the signal to a distributed antenna system (DAS) of strategically positioned discreet antennas.

Pan RF CellHUB for Supermarkets

Pan RF CellHUB is a rapid to deploy, cost-effective solution to enabling shoppers to access smartphone apps in supermarkets by providing seamless 3G and 4G mobile data coverage inside stores, which offers clear advantages over open, public, Wi-Fi in terms of ease of access and security of customer data.

Pan RF CellHUB is an in-building cellular signal booster system that provides a legal solution for capturing available mobile phone signals outdoors, boosting their power, ‘cleaning up’ the noise quality and repeating them inside the store, so that a customer moving between the outside and inside of a store maintains a seamless, reliable connection to their mobile phone network.

Rapidly deployable and fully supported

Pan RF CellHUB is a rapidly deployable solution which can cover an area of 2,500 – 3,000m2 (25,000 – 30,000 ft2). Once a survey has determined coverage requirements and established the optimum locations for antennas , it can be installed in a single day, or overnight making it ideal for rollout to a large number of stores over a short time period. It is remotely monitored and maintained.

Improved coverage guaranteed

Pan RF CellHUB is a proven system which has already successfully delivered reliable coverage for one of the UK’s leading supermarkets. Pan RF carries out data speed tests during surveys to support the use of professional TEMS Discovery cellular survey software and a combination of iBflex scanners and other tools to capture to interpret coverage signal levels and signal quality and inform decisions on suitable donor antenna locations, the design of the distributed antenna system (DAS) and whether a booster solution is viable or not. Pan RF takes great pride in our reputation and integrity and would never propose a solution without being certain that it would work.

Example of average speed test results at a supermarket site (Mbps)

Ofcom Compliant

Unskilled contractors deploying analogue boosters systems causing noise degradation on all four major networks led to third-party signal booster deployments being banned in the UK in 2012. In 2018 Ofcom brought out a licence-exemption in 2018 with a stringent set of technical requirements that manufacturers had to meet so that these new boosters were guaranteed never to have any adverse impact on the MNO networks. Currently, American manufacturer Nextivity Inc. is the only signal booster manufacturer that meets Ofcom’s SI 2018/399 and IR 2102 interface requirements for a UK licence-exemption. Pan RF CellHUB uses a compliant Nextiviy product, adding remote monitoring capabilities.

Providing network access for health & safety

One of the most significant benefits of CellHUB off-air technology over WiFi is that the 3G network is always available for emergency calls, and the system roams to whichever network is available.