Car parking made easier

Car parking can be an extremely frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to be – technology already exists that can remove some frequent issues.


Anyone who has ever had the frustration of wandering around a car park pressing their key fob in the hope that their car will give away its location (which they forgot to note in the rush of leaving it) would appreciate a less time-consuming alternative.

Anyone who has driven round and round a multi storey wasting time trying to find the space that the sign at the entrance assured them existed would be grateful for a bit of guidance. At best it’s a stressful experience, at worst it results in a missed appointment or abandoned trip.

London drivers spend an average of 67 hours a year searching for parking

Source: INRIX Parking Pain

Anyone who has parked in a car park, probably in a rush to catch a train or make an appointment, will appreciate a pay by phone option (who has change these days?) but know the frustration of not being able to get a signal to use the app, as will anyone trying to pay for electric vehicle (EV) charging by app.

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Car Park CellHUB is a cost-effective solution to ensuring mobile coverage in car parks

The answers to removing these niggles and improving the experience for car park guests already exist:

  • Car Finder technology can track cars to a specific car park zone and help people locate their vehicles by using number plate recognition and closed circuit television.
  • Bay Monitoring can highlight empty spaces with a green light, enabling drivers to find a place to park quickly and easily, and can be used with a messaging system of arrows to guide vehicles around a car park.
  • Pan RF Car Park CellHUB, which boosts external mobile coverage inside buildings, can deliver robust mobile coverage to ensure guests can complete their parking and power payments and have the reassurance of mobile connectivity.

Hassle-free parking is not futuristic it’s totally deliverable.

If you have mobile coverage issues at a car park you’re responsible for please get in touch.

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